Monday, September 29, 2008

Receiving Charity Car Donations

A car donation involves donating a used vehicle to a charity organization. Charity is extended in several forms such as clothes, furniture and even cars. Cars are donated to the recipients directly otherwise they are sold, also the money is imparted away in charity. several people prefer to contribute used cars to assist society.

These non-profit making organizations aim at serving injured, homeless also helpless people by taking care of their requirements. Car donations are mutual fund raising events wholly over the world. A car donation program serves as a mediator midway the donor and the charity organization. It enables the vehicle to be available for more than one charitable organization to view and avail of.

The process of donating a car under a car donation program is usually pretty simple. The donation can be created online by filling elsewhere a form or via calling a toll gratis number. A towing company picks up the automobile at a particular date and time suitable to both parties. It is essential that the donated car have a unblemished title and relevant documents. Once the car is picked up and is in the possession of the institutions, a donation receipt is issued to the donor within ten working days.

Car donations benefit the donors, as they are tax deductible. In order to demand a tax deduction, a tax-deductible donation receipt has to be presented at tax time. The tax deduction is either based on the fair market value of the car or the guantity for which the donated car is sold via the organization. Donation moreover helps car owners to avoid the difficulties linked with selling a used car. Intricacies such as looking for a buyer, advertising and having to entertain unknown buyers into a home are eliminated. Article Source:

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